Wooden Refrigerator Magnet

Do you want an impressive refrigerator magnet to make your home prettier? You can’t miss this lovely wooden refrigerator magnet! Besides, you also can get creative in our design! Please contact us if you want to know more information about it.

Lovely Wooden KeyChain

This is the best choice for you if you want some cute and lovely keyrings! Besides, the texture of this product is very good, so you can’t miss it! You also can get creative in our design! Welcome to contact us anytime to know more about us!

Wooden Card Holder Stand

Interesting DIY card display stand. Not just a boring card stand but with the having fun building up part. This time we use cute famous dogs as our character. Singgezih is professional in manufacturing cultural and creative products. Contact us right away!

Movable wooden assembled refrigerator magnet

This beautifully decorative wooden magnet makes for a great gift for any occasion and great for home, fridge door and holiday decorating. Multi use item, great for DIY projects and ideas. Singezih can always be your choice of souvenir manufacturer. Contact us right away. We are looking forward to it!

Assembled Wooden Magnet

Complete the puzzles and get a wooden magnet. Have some fun assembling the item, and get a useful magnet as a result!
DIY 3D wooden magnet is a product design for wide range of users from above the age of 10. Our company has taken a patent on the construction of it in Taiwan. We mainly design tourist attractions and special structures. It is designed to fit in the size of one postcard and append a soft magnet. The finished size is about 8x8x3cm, so it’s easy to keep and collect. This is a product that combine fun and puzzle, and also worth collecting. For more information and customize service, contact us from details below.

Train 3D Assembled Wooden Model

Do you like to build up a wooden handmade transportation by yourself?

If you do, you may like this!
The pictures show one type of train in Taiwan, but customized design is available! If you like it, do not hesitate to contact us!

365days Wooden Key Ring

365days Wooden Keychain is made of UV-curing printed MDF board with PVC layer, acrylic, dark keychain and luminous MDF board. With our laser cutting machine, we can cut any shape that our customers want. For more information and customize service, contact us from details below.

Mosaic Magnet

The size of magnet is 2.5cm x 2.5cm. (each pieces) The product include four pieces. The picture we post is the location of Taipei, customize is available too.

3D Wooden Stamp Magnet

The size of magnet is about 8cm x 8cm. The product include two layers to make the magnet have a better outward. Want to know more details or customize services ? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Train-shaped Movable Keychain

Adorable Animals Inside, Fully Movable.
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